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Terms and Conditions

- This is just an lPTV subscription sent as an message -

- You must leave a note with your device info -

- If we didn't receive your device info within 2 days we will send M3U format -

- No Tangible device is included -

- No Return is allowed after activation -

- Please make sure to get to know more about lPTV and how it works -

- CH&VOD are subject to update , change or removal at any time and without prior notice -

- There can be no refunds once activated -

- Only M3U code format can be installed on multiple devices -

- Only 1 MAG ID per subscription -

- If you activated MAG you will not get M3U -

- We mark the item as shipped / dispatched after we activate and send you your subscription details -

- Not all devices support M3U, make sure to ask or read whether your device supports M3U or not -

- We can't either guarantee that Every CH OR VOD will be working 100% due the nature of any lPTV -

- We are not responsible for lPTV related issues or content -

- Two devices are allowed. Anymore may result in getting your lP banned -